Ishita’s “Shagun avatar” to shock Raman…



Ishita wears Shagun’s clothes and is looking like her. Shagun’s soul in Ishita’s body wants to take revenge for Shagun’s death. Raman imagines Shagun wearing same saree and is shocked with the similarities……. Ishita comes to meet Ashok and flirts with him. Ashok and Suraj get shocked seeing her acting like Shagun. Raman gets tensed, while Ashok wonders what happened to her as she used to taunt him always. Ishita tells Ashok’s likes and dislikes, and also acts concerned about him. She sits with Ashok, leaving Raman behind. Raman looks on puzzled. Raman takes Ishita with him and was clueless about her behavior. Raman feels Ishita is getting Shagun’s mannerisms in her. Even the Bhalla family starts feeling the same. Ishita’s mum is scared to think Ishita is possessed and confides her fear with Mrs. Bhalla.

Raman confronts Ishita for her behavior like Shagun. He asks her why is she acting like Shagun, and feels she is in Shagun’s death shock till now. Ishita gets close to him and says she is not Ishita, but Shagun. Raman gets stunned hearing this. How will Raman deal with Shagun’s soul in Ishita? Sometimes it is shown as Shagun’s ghost entered Ishita, or it might be Shagun and Ishita’s trick to bring Sarika truth out. Sarika’s truth linked to Rinki’s death is still not clear, as she looks positive to help out Romi financially. Well, tracks and twists may change any time as per the responses received by the fans on social media. Keep reading.



  1. I hope CVs have the clear objective where the story is heading to. Shagun body possessing Ishita’s body, Shagun really dead or not, Rinki murder case solving, and what not? Really confused. Seems Bhool bhuliya scenes.

    Also heard that five year leap going to happen. Ishita and Raman got to separate and Disha Parmar and Saurabh Jain going to be their introduced and both of them will get new partners post the leap (

    Serial is been a kichadi now. Many times YHM has been tried to introduced new twist but they move into another track forgetting what the past track is. Hope this time no loose ends.


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