Simar’s plan against Indravati begins to work….



Indravati is doing back magic to become Maha Dayan. Her Guru Maa has come in their lives and gave the idea to Indravati to make her sister’s blood fall. Indravati scratches Padvamati’s hand by nails and makes her blood fall in the havan kund. She fills the blood in the doll and does some evil magic to become a Dayan completely with all evil magic powers. Indravati will rule on Bharadwaj’s house. Prem has become Rana Thakur and now Indravati manages to get locker keys. Indravati gets happy.

It is Simar’s trick and she gives the keys to Indravati with the intention that Indravati will go away from the house with the burden of taking care of house. Simar/Padmavati challenges her to take care of household and gives the keys. Indravati gets happy thinking about the money in the locker. Simar asks Indravati to do all the duties of a daughter in law and manage home. Indravati gets dressed like Simar and shocks everyone. Simar is glad that Indravati will now know the tough thing and everything is going as per her plan. Will Indravati struggle to win everyone’s heart? Keep reading.


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