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Bhabho has made everyone shocked at home by welcoming Lalima in the house and asking Sandhya to stay outside. She asks Lokesh to bring Lalima to her house to make Lalima as Sooraj’s wife, but to her surprise Sooraj has brought Sandhya to Rathi’s house. He once again married her to express their love for each other. Sandhya after spending 8 months away from home and struggles a lot to save the country, should really deserve a place in everyone’s heart. I really Like Sandhya, her strength and attitude inspires everyone. Sometimes Bhabho acts too much. To some extent, Lalima is right in her place as she did her best to overcome Sooraj from psychological problems, but she knows very well that Sooraj goes through the mental trauma just because of Sandhya, as he thinks Sandhya is dead. Lalima can understand how much Sooraj loves Sandhya, that he can go to any extent. I think Lalima is hiding Something. She knows everything and acting, her truth have to come out. I want to see Sooraj and Sandhya together as they have a good understanding and made for each other.

TR would like to thank Sshine for her input.

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  1. Lalima should go away from Sooraj and sandhya’s life, she knows very well sooraj loves sandhya more than himself. Also Bhabo should understand that their must be some important mission to save country and so only sandhya would have taken that step and bhabo should re unite sandhya and sooraj.


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