Akshara and Naitik to spy on Naksh’s love story…


yeh ris

Tara’s dada ji is strict with Naksh. A new enmity have started with Tara’s Dada ji and Akshara. Dada ji’s car is hit by Akshara’s car. He asks if she is taking revenge and is angry. Akshara tells him that her elders taught to respect elders and they don’t believe on revenge. Dada ji has old thing and don’t like to hear anything from a woman. They are oblivious that Tara and Naksh are in love and can marry. Akshara feels this Dada ji is more stubborn than her Dadda ji and she determines to  change him.

Akshara has turned into a spy, as she has doubt on Naksh. She is having tension about Naksh having a girlfriend. Naksh has come with his friends on Dandiya function. He is waiting for his love Tara. He thinks it will be decided whether Tara loves her, if she comes, it would mean she loves him. Tara comes there and Naksh gets glad. Naksh and Tara play Dandiya. Naksh was sure Tara would come. Tara tells Naksh that she has come for her friends, who convinced her to come there. Naksh takes care of Tara and keeps her away from others. He makes her wear the anklet and acts protective about her. Naitik and Akshara have come there to spy on Naksh. They get in the Dandiya function. Akshara lied to Naitik and brought him there to keep an eye on Naksh. Yash sees Naitik and Akshara, and alerts Naksh. He switches off the power and makes Naksh and Tara run away from there. Akshara fails to know anything about Tara. Will Akshara figure out about Naksh’s love for Tara? Keep reading.


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