Maya’s new job and kids’ guardianship to jeopardize Sumit…

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Maya tells Sumit about her wish to work again. She finds a good job and starts working. Sumit gets sad managing the kids and house alone, in Maya’s absence. Dolly does not get Maya to pass taunts on her about Sumit and kids. Maya comes home and Dolly starts verbal firing on Maya about leaving home and working outside. Sumit realizes Maya is finding it tough to manage and gets supportive of her.

Later on, Maya starts thinking about her untimely death. She starts worrying for her kids. She realizes she needs to make her will before she dies and also give her kids’ responsibility to someone. She decides to make a will to declare the guardian for Aaliya and Avi. She chooses her parents over her inlaws. This offends Dolly the most. Even Rajneesh feels Maya took a wrong decision. Dolly and Rajneesh seek an answer from Sumit. Sumit finds himself in perplexed situation again. How will Sumit balance his family now? Keep reading.





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