Mohi to get kidnapped amidst Ayush’s engagement…

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Mohi prays for Satyakam and Madhur hears her. He gets to know she knows Satyakam. Madhur confronts her. The family gets upset that she knows Satyakam. Sharad tells everyone that Mohi should leave from their house, and even Ayush wants this. They ask Mohi to return to her village Bhuvana. Anusha stops Mohi from going back and asks her to attend her engagement. Ayush does not want Mohi to be part of his engagement.

Rekha is not happy seeing Anusha getting engaged to Ayush. Rekha creates a big issue seeing Mohi in the engagement. She asks Ayush’s family to make the maid leave from the function, where she has invited big socialites. Mohi realizes her father used to live in the same city. Later, Mohi gets kidnapped. The family gets worried for her. Two goons take Mohi to an isolated place. Ayush gets worried for Mohi and decides to find her. How will Ayush save Mohi? Keep reading.





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