Nayantara to confront Bhaiya ji about Satya and her wrapped past in Udaan…

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Kasturi loses her control and hits Kishor. The villagers decide to send her to mental asylum. Imli and Chakor vow not to let this happen and save their mother. Imli gets the food and tries making Kasturi eat it. Kasturi does not eat and throws stone at Lakhan. The stone hits Chakor and she gets injured. Chakor makes Kasturi eat the food and loves her. Ranjana is glad to know Vivaan regained his voice back. The villagers praise Choka for calming Kasturi and making her have feed. They all ask Choka to be with Kasturi. Chakor’s Dadi tells her that if Kasturi gets good sleep, she will get fine soon. Chakor sings a lullaby and makes Kasturi sleep.

Nayantara/Amma ji confronts Bhaiya about Satya and her past. Chakor succeeds in making Kasturi better and ties up Bhuvan to teach him a lesson. Chakor wants Bhuvan to get rid of drinking. The villagers praise Choka for the efforts and smartness. While the village kids know Choka is actually Chakor, they keep it a secret for Chakor’s safety. Chakor goes back to haveli and gets to see Amma aiming a gun at Bhaiya ji. Amma asks Bhaiya ji to tell her past, else she will kill him. She asks him about Satya keeping him at gunpoint. Baa hopes Nayantara gets all the answers from Bhaiya ji this time. Chakor stops Amma from killing Bhaiya ji. Will Amma gets to see Bhaiya ji’s real face? Keep reading.





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