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IKRS and BD added….

Kumkum Bhagya:


Pragya and Abhi fall on each other. Abhi and Pragya have come closer because of Mata Rani’s blessings. Abhi’s name sindoor applies on Pragya’s maang mistakenly. Pragya looks at the sindoor. Actually it is a conspiracy by Raj Mehra, and he wants Pragya to fall down and spills oil on the floor, but before Pragya falls down, Abhi falls on her. Abhi and Pragya argue while Ram Leela is going on. Abhi takes Pragya’s photo during the celebration and calls her lady ravan. Abhi remembers Pragya seeing Ravan and clicks her photo with Ravan. Pragya gets angry, but poses for the pic. Abhi compares her with Ravan and continued comparing her till gift session. He gives his precious advice and distributes the gifts among others.


Tara’s dada ji is strict with Naksh. A new enmity have started with Tara’s Dada ji and Akshara. Dada ji’s car is hit by Akshara’s car. He asks if she is taking revenge and is angry. Akshara tells him that her elders taught to respect elders and they don’t believe on revenge. Dada ji has old thing and don’t like to hear anything from a woman. They are oblivious that Tara and Naksh are in love and can marry. Akshara feels this Dada ji is more stubborn than her Dadda ji and she determines to  change him.


Sasural Simar Ka have become Sasural Indravati ka. Simar has given her house responsibility by giving keys of the house. Indravati dresses up like Simar and comes down. Simar doesn’t care about her and does aarti of Mata rani. Simar has trust on Mata rani and all the family believes on Simar. Simar knows to fight with all types of witches and spirits, and she will surely win over Indravati.


Vibhuti ji and Tiwari ji got into the problem. They called a dancer to entertain them, but their wives comes back home and troubles begin for them.


Rana ji and Gayatri has started feeling for each other. Rana ji comes to Gayatri’s house for the pagphera ritual. Gayatri looks on happily as he comes to take her to palace. Gayatri’s mum apologizes to Rana ji with folded hands. Rana ji holds her hand and asks her not to apologize. He praises her values which she gave to her daughter Gayatri. There is unique romance between Rana ji and Gayatri. She dances on Dola re Dola re………. Rana ji looks on. He gets impressed seeing her dancing freely. Her changed look mesmerizes him. There will be many changes in Rana ji ahead. Gayatri makes him wear different clothes. The kids tie them with a cloth. Rana ji holds Gayatri’s hand and they have an eyelock.


Nayantara/Amma ji confronts Bhaiya about Satya and her past. Chakor succeeds in making Kasturi better and ties up Bhuvan to teach him a lesson. Chakor wants Bhuvan to get rid of drinking. The villagers praise Choka for the efforts and smartness. While the village kids know Choka is actually Chakor, they keep it a secret for Chakor’s safety. Chakor goes back to haveli and gets to see Amma aiming a gun at Bhaiya ji. Amma asks Bhaiya ji to tell her past, else she will kill him. She asks him about Satya keeping him at gunpoint. Baa hopes Nayantara gets all the answers from Bhaiya ji this time. Chakor stops Amma from killing Bhaiya ji.


Milan is troubling Ishani on the wedding night. He plays loud music and dances with her. She gets clueless seeing her strange behavior, assuming him to be Ranveer. Milan tries to get close to her, by misbehaving with her and disrespecting her. She pushes him away and is shocked seeing Ranveer’s behavior. She gets hurt by him. Milan drinks wine and makes her forcibly dance with her. Amba loves Ishani a lot now and gifts her a new saree. Ishani’s Karwachauth will be full of twists. It will be very dramatic, where there will be face to face confrontation of Ranveer, Ishani and Milan. Milan will be spoiling her Karwachauth.


Sandhya and Sooraj have a romantic moment and revive their old love. Sandhya dries kurta and the moment is similar to what happened many years ago. They laugh recalling the old moments and hug. Bhabho is adamant that she will not accept Sandhya as her bahu. She has kept a mu dikhai for Lalima, which shocks Sooraj and Sandhya. Bhabho invites all the relatives in the function. Bhabho gives divorce papers to Sandhya. She gives a Lord idol to Lalima. Sandhya got sure of Bhabho’s decision and cries.


Ragini will try to get Laksh’s love again, after Swara gets together with Sanskaar. Ragini is doing every possible try to get Laksh, she has made excuse of memory loss and convinced Laksh to spend the day with her, but Laksh stays rude to her. She is excited and wakes up Laksh at 4am. She gets bed tea for him.


Rekha is not happy seeing Anusha getting engaged to Ayush. Rekha creates a big issue seeing Mohi in the engagement. She asks Ayush’s family to make the maid leave from the function, where she has invited big socialites. Mohi realizes her father used to live in the same city. Later, Mohi gets kidnapped. The family gets worried for her. Two goons take Mohi to an isolated place. Ayush gets worried for Mohi and decides to find her.


Maya tells Sumit about her wish to work again. She finds a good job and starts working. Sumit gets sad managing the kids and house alone, in Maya’s absence. Dolly does not get Maya to pass taunts on her about Sumit and kids. Maya comes home and Dolly starts verbal firing on Maya about leaving home and working outside. Sumit realizes Maya is finding it tough to manage and gets supportive of her.

Qubool Hai:

Afreen morphs into Azaad to keep Mahira away from Azaad. Mahira prays to fail Afreen’s evil powers. Afreen realizes her spell is getting low as Mahira is offering prayers. Mahira overpowers on Afreen’s spell and she gets a taweez for Azaad. She manages to make him wear it. Afreen tries to break Mahira and Azaad by morphing into Azaad’s looks. Meanwhile, Khan Begum gets to know about the seven fingered man. Avinash Sachdeva will be the new main lead in the show. He will be playing the seven fingered man, who would hold much importance for Khan Begum. He will not be having any supernatural powers. Avinash plays super star in the show who has 6 fingers in one hand. He gets down the car with bodyguard in tow, while Mahira looks at him surprisingly.

Aaj Ki Raat Hain Zindagi:

This weekend offering from Star Plus this Sunday (8 PM) celebrates life with a special guest Tiwari ji who has shown great zeal and humanity in shaping many lives. In particular, he made possible that many people can meet their loved ones. There are also guests from Bollywood and Cricket: stars Ajay Devgn, Huma Qureshi, Daler Mehndi; and Kapil Dev, Irfan Pathan will grace the occasion. Tiwari ji will be playing cricket along with cricketers and stars to celebrate life with joy and happiness.

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Piya Rangrezz:

Sher tells Shraddha that he has understood she does not want to stay in his house. He says you tried to run away and now he knows that she will try to make him and his mum apart. He says his child will surely come in this world. Bhanvri tells Shraddha that she hates him a lot. She says what to do, shall I snatch this baby from you after nine months or get it aborted now itself? Shraddha cries. Sher assures Shraddha about the child. How will he fail Bhanvri’s plans?

Sher will fight against all odds to protect Shraddha and ensuring the safety of their child. #PiyaRangrezz

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Ishq Ka Rang Safed:

The ashram ladies are happy to sell more items in the fair and save more money. Viplav is glad seeing them earn. He asks them to use this money in buying other items. The man announces the dance teams, and names the widows to be part of the dance event. He names Dhaani with them too. This shocks Dhaani, with others. Tripurari does this and smiles seeing them. Viplav gets shocked too. The widows wonder who has given their names in the dance competition. The man announces the winner team will get lakhs of rupees as the prize money. Viplav asks Dhaani will she dance here? Dulaari scolds Dhaani and is mistaken. Viplav encourages Dhaani to take part in the dance competition. He goes against Dulaari and Badi Amma, and supports Dhaani. Tripurari then makes Viplav’s mum against Dhaani.

Badtameez Dil:

Abeer and Meher share some passionate romantic moments. Later Meher accepts Akshat’s marriage proposal as she gets afraid thinking she is getting weak infront of Abeer and couldn’t hold on her emotions. Abeer comes to know about Meher accepting Akshat’s proposal. He shares his worries with Appendix. Appendix asks him about his strategy to compete with Akshat. Abeer tells him about the book ” art of war”, and tells that love and war is the same, and what matters is how to make the enemies lose. He determines to find Akshat’s weakness to defeat him and get back Meher in his life again. Meanwhile Kuber books 7 star hotel suite for Rati and him, for the next 6 months, and promises to lift her career to new heights. However Rati thinks to ruin Abeer through Kuber and take revenge for Nisar.


  1. Wowwww spoiler of Swaragini… Hope Raglak will join soon… And Swasan forever… And Where is IKRS Spoiler????????????? WANT IT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I think mehar and abeer has a child. Suman says ‘ishaan’ in the last episode. And I’m flash back also before divorce its shown that mehar will be checking for pregnancy.


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