Many twists during Dussehra and Karwachauth; Manohar to get bankrupt

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Ishaan gets kidnapped. Twinkle witnesses the moment and confronts Yuvi for this. Anita tells Twinkle that she will ruin Leela and her. Kunj and Twinkle try their best to find Ishaan and fail. They do not get Ishaan and get more worried for him. The twist in Dussehra event comes next. Twinkle finds Ishaan with a bomb tied to him. Kunj and Twinkle succeed in finding Ishaan and bringing him back home safe.

Later, Anita breaks the news to Kunj and Twinkle that Manohar Sarna has gone bankrupt. She adds up to their insult along with Yuvi. Kunj questions Manohar about this news and expresses his grief that Manohar should not confided this with him. Kunj realizes they would have to leave the house. Manohar’s sister asks Kunj to stay back and does not let anyone leave the house. During Karwachauth rituals, Twinkle faints. Everyone worry for her. Kunj tells them about Twinkle’s fast for him and that’s the reason she has fainted.





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