Abeer to know Ishaan’s truth; Meher perplexed by their bonding…



During Meher engagement, Abeer walks off as he can’t see her getting engaged to Akshat. Ishaan follows him and decides to teach him a lesson. He fires toy bullet on Abeer, which annoys him. Abeer holds him, and sees his face turning red. Soon Ishaan gets unconscious. Abeer takes him to hospital and realizes that his is also allergic to Kiwi. Doctor treats them and tells Meher that these type of allergy is hereditary and asks if they are father and son shocking Meher and her family. While Abeer and Ishaan are in the same hospital ward, they get to spend some special moments. Abeer teaches him Mere Nishan song.

When Ishaan returns back home, he surprises Meher and Akshat with the same song. Meher tells Akshat that she has done many sacrifices till now and don’t want to lose at the last moment. Akshat tells her not to be afraid of Abeer and let him know that he is Ishaan’s dad. He says I am his father though. Meher feels Abeer and Ishaan connectivity and fondness for each other, and gets thinking about her decision. Abeer will get to know about his son soon. Keep reading.




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