Anandi and Nimboli to inch closer; Akhiraj in trouble…



Harki decides not to let Nimboli reach the court. She takes Damodar’s help. Damodar waits on the way to stop Nimboli from appearing in the court. Anandi gets shocked seeing the goons blocking their way. Jagya tries reaching Anandi to help her. However, Anandi makes everything possible in the path of justice.


Anandi takes Mangla and Nimboli to the court. Nimboli gets confident and gives her statement against Akhiraj Singh. Harki threatens Mangla no to provide any evidence in the court. Mangla also wishes that Akhiraj Singh gets punished by the court. Kamli and Pushkar try to convince the villagers to give statement against Akhiraj in the court. The villagers get strength to speak against Akhiraj. Dadisaa keeps Ashtami puja at the haveli. The puja takes place in haveli, while everyone wait the court’s decision on Akhiraj’s matter. Nimboli bonds with Anandi well, after all the recent happenings. Mangla worries and thinks to do something to make Nimboli away from her mother. What will Mangla do now? Keep reading.



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