High Five Spoilers


high fiver

Badtameez Dil:

During Meher engagement, Abeer walks off as he can’t see her getting engaged to Akshat. Ishaan follows him and decides to teach him a lesson. He fires toy bullet on Abeer, which annoys him. Abeer holds him, and sees his face turning red. Soon Ishaan gets unconscious. Abeer takes him to hospital and realizes that his is also allergic to Kiwi. Doctor treats them and tells Meher that these type of allergy is hereditary and asks if they are father and son shocking Meher and her family. While Abeer and Ishaan are in the same hospital ward, they get to spend some special moments. Abeer teaches him Mere Nishan song.



All the ghost family were killed in Palekar Mansion mercilessly. Ishaan mentions that they had to die because of Suraj and asks about their killer. Suraj stays silent for all those 25 years. One day he tells Radha that he has seen the face of the killer and he was none other than Minister Peter as Suraj refused to do his work. He tells he did see his face when he was taking his last breath. Radha cries and feels bad. Peter feels bad about his crime and thinks God has separated Alex from him to punish him. He thinks about Veronica’s words about what wrong did they do and getting punished. Meanwhile Yug determines to find Sophia’s brother Alex and seeks Jaggu Dada’s help.


Sandhya and Lalima keep Karwachauth for Sooraj. Bhabho does not accept Sandhya and folds hands to request her to go. Bhabho is annoyed with Sandhya and blesses Lalima instead her. Sandhya, Lalima and everyone keep Nirajala fast. They do the puja together. Sooraj tries his best to convince Bhabho to accept Sandhya. Bhabho holds the Karwa pot and its suspense to see whom will Bhabho give the pot.

Pyaar Ko Ho Jaane Do:

Preet has kept Karwachauth for Ishaan and gets ready for him. She expects Ishaan is keeping a fast for him. She plans to breakfast with him and also have food together. She feels he has got a gift for her. Ishaan comes and Preet breaks the fast. He makes her drink water and his small efforts make her happy.


Ishita aims gun at everyone and asks the family to move back. Raman asks the family to get behind and requests Ishita to calm down. Ishita turns crazy and shouts on them. This is the Karwachauth twist, where Ishita tells them that she will kill Raman and entire Bhalla family. Ishita has turned into Shagun. She has no control over her and this shocks the family. Ishita is possessed and Raman fails to control her. A person comes there and Ishita gets scared seeing him. Raman has called him as that man identifies spirits and is known to free people from evil spirits haunting and possessing someone’s body.



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