Sujoy frames Rahul; Upamayu humiliates Sabarwals…..

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Sujoy plays a game and does not let Maanvi know Rahul’s innocence and his good values. Maanvi misunderstands Rahul and thinks he is a Casanova. Rahul is known in his family for having no bad habits and addictions. Maanvi and her family disrespect Rahul and Sabarwal family.

Sujoy lies to Maanvi and her family about Rahul Sabarwal. He puts all disgraceful acts’ blame on Rahul. This infuriates Upamayu Chatterjee. Upamayu already holds some annoyance in his heart for Raj Sabarwal. Upamayu goes to police station to lodge a complaint against rockstar Rahul. Raj worries for his son’s image in media, which will be tarnished by any police case. Upamayu blames Rahul’s bad upbringing and passes taunts on his old friend turned foe Raj. Rahul gets angry seeing his dad getting insulted for the mistake he did not do. Sujoy worries as Rahul will expose his dirty act of peeking inside girl’s washroom. Will Maanvi realize Sujoy’s fake story about Rahul? Keep reading.





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