Yeh Hai… Twist: Shagun alive!! Ishita to be confronted…



Ishita kept the Karwachauth fast, but she has broken her fast by having chicken. The family gets shocked seeing Ishita having non-veg. Vandu tries to stop her. Ishita says they always stop her, but now she will do what she wants. She kicks them out of her room. Shagun’s spirit has made Shagun break her fast. Ishita then vomits and comes to her senses. The family makes her realize what she did. Raman supports Ishita and takes her to the terrace. Ishita does the rituals of moon sighting and fast breaking with Raman. Raman makes Ishita break the fast happily. Raman goes to storeroom to take gift for Ishita. Ishita goes after him and says she is Shagun, and asks him to take her name instead Ishita. She gets angry hearing Ishita and harms Raman. She pushes Raman risking his life. Mrs. Iyer calls Prateek for help to calm Shagun’s spirit and help Raman.

After things settle back at Bhalla house, the power goes. Ishita goes to get candles and leaves her mobile in the living room. Ishita gets Shagun’s call on her mobile. The family gets stunned seeing Shagun’s name flashing on the screen. Raman and everyone wonder how did Shagun call Ishita, if she is dead. Raman questions Ishita about Shagun’s call. Sarika gets tensed. Shagun had a meeting with Ashok before her death and even was known about Sarika’s hidden truth. Suspense building up in the show, only to be revealed step-wise. Keep reading.



  1. The original plot of a mature love between Raman and Ishita had created hopes; but this paranormal track makes you question the intelligence of the makers , even if it is justified for a dramatic turn. Please stop this – split personality exposition – because there is no disorder like that – according to latest Psychological reports.


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