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All the viewers of Maharana Pratap unexpectedly bids adieu to their favorite maharani Ajabde. Her exit from the show is so sudden that viewers can’t imagine that she is no longer the part of the show. I think Akbar is going to maximum extent to defeat Maharana Pratap. It seems in the show that there is only Mewar in India, which he wants to gets victory over it. Maharana Pratap determination, courage and his values are very well shown. On the other side, King Akbar is portrayed as a weak king who is sending the assailant in disguise to kill Pratap or bringing the big Army to conquer the Mewar throne. Now the ongoing track is showing another downside of Akbar who after knowing Pratap and other Rajputs don’t take their weapons for 15 days in memory of Ajabde who passes away, Akbar has come to Haldi Ghati along with thousand of soldiers to fight. But Bheels are bravely fighting with those soldiers. Akbar also sends a man to kill Pratap who is alone and without any weapon. We want something courageous from Akbar. Some good action between Pratap and Akbar would be best to watch. Make Haldi Ghat war memorable scene in the show.

TR would like to thank PrAja(Pratap-Ajabde Fan) for this input.

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