Dasharath’s manipulations to divide Viplav-Dhaani…


ishq ka1

Dhaani is being scolded by her mum because of Viplav. Viplav brings cycle for her. Dhaani sits on it to ride the cycle. Dulaari gets angry seeing her sitting on cycle. Viplav wants to make Dhaani learn cycle riding towards the first step of independence. Dasharath plans to make Viplav fall in Dhaani’s eyes. He has bought ashram on Viplav’s eyes. He makes Dhaani doubt on Viplav’s intentions. Dasharath gets the ashram papers stolen. Dhaani started doubting on Viplav. Dasharath tells Durga that he had a dream of Tripurari’s marriage with Dhaani. He emphasizes and convinces Durga. Durga gives the shagun coin to Dhaani and wants to make her bahu. Dasharath thinks Viplav will get rid of Dhaani.

Dhaani slaps Viplav before hearing him. Viplav came to Ashram with band baaja to tell her that they have won the Ashram case and Ashram is in their name now. Dhaani does not let him speak and is mistaken about his intentions. Viplav is shocked to get slapped by her. Will Dasharath win to separate Viplav and Dhaani? Keep reading.



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