Twists around decisive pairings; Swara in dilemma…



Laksh has cut his wrist to get Swara back in his life. Swara shows concern and ties cloth on his hand. Laksh is moved by her gesture. He is emotionally blackmailing Swara and asks her to come back to his life. Doctor comes and bandages Laksh’s hand. Laksh wants Swara to give him a chance. Swara says Laksh is walking on Ragini’s footsteps. Laksh tells that if he don’t get Swara then he will kill himself. Ragini gives him idea to cut his wrist to see if Swara loves him. Ragini is shocked to see Swara’s concern for Laksh.

Ragini’s drama has started again, she is acting to sacrifice and then asking Swara to unite with Laksh. Ragini tells Swara that she will tell her truth to family members. Swara is believing Ragini and thinks she has turned good. Ragini tells Swara that her memory is back, but she didn’t tell anything to family. Swara questions her why she has not informed family about regaining her memory. Ragini makes excuses and traps Swara in her cunning words. She tells that she wants to unite her with Laksh and then will tell her truth to family. Salman Khan and Sonam Kapoor will appear in Swaragini to promote their film and Salman will make Swara learn love chapter. Ragini asks Swara to give a chance to Laksh. What will Swara do now? Keep reading.


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