HAVE YOUR SAY!! — Sshine on IKNMP and DG


Itna KNMP is finally coming to an end. The show entertains the viewers very well. I really feel Ronit Roy give much credibility to his character Dr Neil. This show is some what different from other shows. It showcased the Love chemistry between the older people. Nishi and jignesh also cleared their misunderstanding and having a great marital life. I m glad to see everything falling in right place in the show. We are looking forward to see Ronit Roy in another show very soon.


About Dream Girl: Manav, Samar,Karan got to know of Ayesha’s doings with Laxmi and hiding her twin sister for many years, then also they are not kicking out Ayesha out of their lives. Now the track is showing Samar and Laxmi getting married. On the other side, Samar, Manav, Karan met with an accident. We hear that Samar and Manav will die in the accident. We don’t want Ayesha to win, we want to see Samar’s and Laxmi’s happy marital life and Aarti’s entry in Manav’s life.

TR would like to thank Sshine for her input.

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