Badi Rani’s true face to unveil; Many plans to hit Gayatri…



Everyone will know the person who is doing all the evil plotting in the palace. Gayatri gets shocked seeing Badi Rani. The black shadow is known to Gayatri now. Badi Rani wants to snatch the throne from Gayatri. Bada Rani tells Gayatri that she will not let her settle with Rana ji and not let them unite. It will be tough, but Gayatri will surely make Rana ji believe this bitter truth and save themselves from Badi Rani.

Gayatri dances in her palace on the song Diwani hogayi hai…….Gayatri is dancing and is in love with Rana ji. She is jealous and is helpless to express her love. It is Sulakshana’s planning to make Gayatri dance on her birthday. Rana ji sees Gayatri dancing without any hesitation and is surprised. Sulakshana thought that she will insult Gayatri and make her feel down, but Gayatri wins everyone heart with her superb dance. Sulakshana is plotted in the palace to separate Gayatri and Rana ji by Badi Rani, but it will not continue for long. Rana ji comes forward and holds Gayatri from falling down. Will the moments make trust strong between Rana ji and Gayatri? Keep reading.



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