Shraddha to conspire against Thapki…



Thapki’s hand gets injured and it starts bleeding. Bihaan rushes to bandage her hand and cares for her wound. Even though Bihaan is in love with her, but stays silent. However his care towards Thapki shows his loves for her. Thapki wonders what God wants. Dhruv performs the rituals of Dhanteras with his to be wife Shraddha, while Bihaan and Thapki do the rituals together as a couple. Diwali celebrations begins at their house, and Shraddha made rangoli to please Dadimaa. Before Dadimaa praise Shraddha, baby goat Ram pyaari spoils the rangoli. Thapki corrects the rangoli with home remedies.

Bihaan doesn’t want Shraddha to be in Dhruv’s life and doing this conspiracy. Thapki is also celebrating Diwali at her new house. She is not happy though and is surprised and shocked. She didn’t know about the ritual of Yam Ka Diya, in which a mum lights the diya and the son shouldn’t see that diya. She is surprised to see Bihaan covering Dhruv and stopping him to see the diya. She didn’t know that Bihaan is their adopted son. Shraddha did a conspiracy against Thapki and is successful. Will Bihaan bring out Shraddha’s truth on time? Keep reading.


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