Akshara to protect Naksh from Tara’s family…



Akshara and her family are doing Lakshmi puja during Diwali celebrations. Akshara wears beautiful saree for the festival. Naksh plans to visit Tara’s house and is upset that he is unable to meet her. Akshara. Akshara is against crackers and want to celebrate safe Diwali. Tara’s Dada ji comes to their house and tells about the alliance of Tara and Naksh. Dada ji comes to know about Tara’s love for Naksh and agrees. Akshara gets worried and is surprised to see Dada ji’s reaction knowing their love. It might be Dada ji’s conspiracy to take revenge from them.


Sangram has punished Naksh, as Naksh has tried to get inside their home to meet Tara. Sangram and Vikram scold Naksh and ask how dare he get inside their house, what relation he has with Tara. They beat up Naksh by taking him to isolated place. Naksh fights with them, but could not manage alone. Akshara gets to know about Naksh being in problem and rushes there. Naksh gets badly injured. Akshara sees the goons beating Naksh and takes a stick to beat the goons. She scolds and beats the goons. Sangram asks is she mad to come in between the men fight. She asks them not to touch her son. She scares them with the stick and her anger. Sangram, Vikram and the men leave. Akshara cries seeing Naksh wounded and waits for some help. She then takes him to hospital. Will Naksh and Tara unite? Keep reading.


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