Roshni to fight against unethical medical practices…



Roshni is upset over Rajat and Mona running the hospital unethically. She does not want any wrong medical practices to form in Leela hospital. Nikhil helps Roshni in getting rid of Malhotra and they clear the kidney scam legal case. Parvati asks Doodle to accompany her for Dandiya night, and promises to show him Bhopal. Nikhil asks Doodle to think about Parvati. Doodle starts taking interest in Parvati.

After solving Pintu Ghosh and Malhotra’s scam in Leela hospital, Roshni now tackles Dr. Kamal’s unethical patient pulling techniques. She confronts Dr. Kamal for misleading the patients and getting angioplasty done unnecessarily. Dr. Kamal accepts his doings and tells about his aim to achieve the figures every week. She gets into an argument with Dr. Kamal, Rajat and Mona. Roshni maintains her stand for ethical run of Leela hospital. Parvati’s mother gets heart attack and is rushed to Leela hospital. Parvati asks Roshni about the cost of the entire treatment. Roshni tells Parvati about the surgery costing around 10 lakhs. Roshni talks to Rajat about waiving a part of the amount.



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