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I really like the show Sumit Sambhal Lega. This Show is completely different from other on air shows. This show is a comic show adapted from Warner Bro’s ‘Everybody Loves Raymond’. I think this kind of comedy show is really needed for the viewers as it gives them some stuff to laugh over. Sumit is so cool, and his comedy is superb, being a common simple family man who gets caught between his mother and wife. I remember Sara bhai vs Sara bhai, the main Protagonist Sahil used to get stuck in the same situation. I really like Sumit’s mother Dolly’s acting. She cares for Maya, but sometimes over interference in son’s life makes the daughter in law irritate. But this show is making us laugh and made us to watch how Sumit will handle everything. I would like to watch this show SSL for one hour daily, instead Tere Sheher Mein of Amaya. Sumit rocks and is better than TSM. I request Star Plus to make SSL one hour.

TR would like to thank Komal for her input.

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  1. Vimalanravindran Avatar

    Very interesting and extremely good and enjoyable

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