Today’s Twister – Sarojini

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Twister… This post is on the never-ending drama in any show, which is liked by the viewers solely for the melodramatic factor, without much logic depicted.

Sarojini does not agree to do Dhanteras puja in her inlaws home. She is angry and hates Dushyant’s evil games. She loves her mum in law and talks in her favor. Sarojini wants every women to get respect. She wants her mum in law to get storeroom’s keys. Dushyant makes someone else do the puja and is not affected by Sarojini’s move. Later on, Sarojini and Somendra do the Laxmi puja. He gets a call and goes out. He does not return and family starts worrying. Sarojini and Somendra’s family cry, as Somendra is kidnapped by Mannu and her dad Sangram Singh. Sarojini has to get Somendra back and do her duty of a good wife. Everyone is upset and start crying. Sarojini will find Somendra anyhow.





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