Raman to know Simmi’s meet with Ashok…


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Raman and Ishita romance in rain while standing near the window. They enjoy the rain together and feel love, recalling their lovely journey till now. Raman smiles and takes Ishita with him to give her a surprise. Mrs. Bhalla happily cooks lunch for Ishita, and Sarika helps her in kitchen. Mrs. Bhalla does not know about Ishita’s secret plan and is very worried for her.

Raman and Ishita sit for the Tamilain ritual. She makes Raman sit in the basket and applies some haldi to him. She puts milk on him. They dress in Tamilian attire. Raman is very happy to see Ishita normal. But his happiness gets short lived. Ishita dresses as Shagun again and serves the family lunch. Simmi comes back after meeting Ashok. Ishita asks her where did she go. Simmi lies. Ishita tells everyone that Simmi has gone to meet her boyfriend Ashok. This shocks Raman and the family. Ishita as Shagun, confronts Simmi about meeting Ashok to know the reason and truth. Ishita tells Raman about Simmi working for Ashok. She asks Raman to better stop Simmi. What will Raman do now? Keep reading.



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