Sandhya to find Mohit’s murderer; Three get in doubt scanner…

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Sandhya is shaken by Mohit’s death. Babasa and Sooraj also know this now. Sooraj and Babasa are shattered. Babasa tells Sooraj that Mohit was not weak hearted, it is not his suicide, its murder. The doubts are on Sooraj, Emily and Lalima. Sandhya is finding about his death now. Mohit was hit on his head and killed, before throwing his body in the well. Sandhya will get the culprit punished.

Later on, Mohit’s dead body is brought to the Rathi house. Everyone get in shock and scream seeing Mohit. The family cries seeing him dead. Sandhya consoles Bhabho. Sooraj and Vikram takes Mohit for final rites. A special investigator incharge is appointed to inquire about Mohit’ s murder. He starts questioning everyone. Chavi will be seen in the show in this new track. Keep reading.





4 responses to “Sandhya to find Mohit’s murderer; Three get in doubt scanner…”

  1. lizzybetfelix Avatar

    I think according to reactions lalima, lokesh and Bhaboo knows something about mohit’s death because of the way they reacted during lalima’s engagement and when mohit’s name was mentioned, but what will sandhya do if mohit’s murderer is bhaboo or Emily or even sooraj?this track as always with this show is getting interesting and it will be more interesting to see what the outcome of the murder investigation Will be, I know that they will drag this track as with all starplus shows, but I am ready to wait ad long as always.

  2. Sri Avatar

    I think Pari is response for mohits death.

  3. deepak Avatar

    I am with Sri, Pari is going to be murderer of Mohit

  4. Prashant Sharma Avatar
    Prashant Sharma

    The murderer is Pari. Why else would Emily confess? To save her daughter obviously. And if someone else in the family would’ve killed mohit bhabho would have kicked them out but if it was a child ( Pari ) she can’t kick her out as she is a child and her grand-daughter.

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