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Median zing spoilers

Aaj Ki Raat Hain Zindagi:

Saurabh Nimbhakar is a young guest on the show this Sunday and a special one since his story is very moving with lot of heart and empathy for cancer patients. He sings in Mumbai local trains and earns money with the objective to donate as much money as possible to cancer patients. Amitabh Bachchan (legendary actor, the host of the show) had recently gave him a early morning surprise by appearing on a local Mumbai train and also sang alongwith him giving much delight to him and all passengers.  Stay tuned to AKRHZ.

Saurabh on AKRHZ

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Siya Ke Ram:

Sita, Urmila and their cousin sisters go towards the jungle. Rishi stops them going inside the jungle, as its cursed. He says Ahilya is a cursed woman who is trapped here. She asks who has cursed her. Rishi says Maharishi Gautam has cursed his wife. Later on, Raja Janak takes Sita to Maharishi Gautam and tells her that Maharishi Gautam wants to teach her. Sita questions Maharishi Gautam about the importance of knowledge in life. Maharishi replies that knowledgeable people win over their anger. Sita asks him why did he curse his wife then, which leaves Maharishi Gautam speechless.

Sita in Siya Ke Ram
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Zee Mahasangam Tashan-Kumkum-Yeh Vaada:

Twinkle, Pragya and Survi run to hold the diya in the temple. This is Teen Ka Tadka Maha-episode. Pragya says she will not let Kumkum effect get less. They all do Ganpati puja. Maha Sangam episode is getting shot with Tashan E Ishq, Kumkum Bhagya and Yeh Vaada Raha. The three ladies take oaths to protect the diya to end all problems. Pragya has become Guru, who is telling them how to deal with problems. They all share tips.


Sandhya is shaken by Mohit’s death. Babasa and Sooraj also know this now. Sooraj and Babasa are shattered. Babasa tells Sooraj that Mohit was not weak hearted, it is not his suicide, its murder. The doubts are on Sooraj, Emily and Lalima. Sandhya is finding about his death now. Mohit was hit on his head and killed, before throwing his body in the well. Sandhya will get the culprit punished.


Gopi has got Ahem out of the fire ring. Jigar and Gopi bring Ahem safely. Gopi has become Savitri ande broke the fire ring by risking her life. she has protected her husband. Gopi scolds Gaura and entire family comes there. Gopi says she won’t let Gaura succeed in her plans. Meera and Vidya put the water to blow off the fire. Meera was planning with Gaura and Dharam, but she saved Ahem’s life.

Qubool Hai:

Mahira argues with Armaan, as he is getting soft spoken with her. They both hate each other and wants to know why is he doing drama. She does not know Azaad’s heart is doing this, lets see whether she falls in love with him. Armaan and Mahira organize a press conference. Mahira will join office with him and there love story will start.

Suhani SEL:

Dadi is found by the family and doctor is called to treat her. Suhani decides to keep party after Dadi gets well, but Pratima refuses. Pratima has a reason as that date was saddening for her. Suhani thinks to bring Mili’s truth out to make her get her family’s love. Pratima recalls her daughter Gauri, and cries in her room. Suhani wishes to give back all happiness for Pratima and Birla family. Will Dadi get a lesson of life by experiencing tragic distance with them?


Sarojini is helping her mum in law. She works in kitchen for Chath Puja’s preparations. Its her first Chath puja in her in laws. Her mum in law says its special puja and Sarojini is helping them a lot. Sarojini is learning about rituals and arrangements from her mom in law.


Simar is going to kill Indravati. Indravati is sure no one can kill her. Simar has to reach temple to kill Indravati and on the way she faces many hurdles, because of Indravati getting after her to break down Simar and save herself. Simar will be killing Indravati and that would be end of that track.

Maharana Pratap:

Maharana Pratap is fighting in the haldi ghati war and killing the enemies. The war is in the last phase now. After the war ends, this show will end in 2 weeks.


Simmi tells everyone that she will not answer anyone. Ishita beats Simmi to make her accept her mistake. Prateek has sent the pic to Ishita. Ishita does overacting in her Shagun’s avatar. Prateek comes and stops Ishita showing he is using some powers to control Shagun’s spirit. Ishita acts like being scared of him and faints. Raman holds her and takes her to the room. Later on, Raman wants to see whether Ishita is lying to him about getting possessed by spirit. Ishita is tested by Raman to know if she is really captured by the spirit. Raman checks her behavior and talks to her. He talks to her romantically, when she acts like Shagun. He hugs her and asks her to sit and drink with him.

Jamai Raja:

Roshni is dancing in high spirit. She has got her Prem Ratan Sid. She dances on Prem Ratan Dhan Paayo…… She has got her husband once again. Its Sid’s birthday and she celebrates with Sid. Roshni says she is glad that her husband is back and that too on a good occasion. They had many problems till now and finally got some good moments. They have eyelock infront of everyone, which makes their enemies jealous.

KumKum Bhagya:

Abhi and Pragya reach lonely place and have a weird and sweet moment. Pragya is totally drunk and talks her heart out. Pragya is hugging Abhi in drunk state. She expresses her love and they came very close. For some time, Pragya became like before, which made Abhi glad. Pragya and Abhi have a romantic eyelock.


Naitik invited Dada ji and his family for lunch. Dada ji heard the women talking about making less food. Dada ji gets angry and asks all the relatives to come. Akshara apologizes and requests them not to go, as guests are like Lord. Naitik thought just 5 people will come, but Dada ji gets many people to trouble them. Eventually, everything gets cleared. Dada ji then agrees to dine with them.

Bhabhi ji GPH?:

Angoori beats Saxena. She is very angry and has become Jhansi Ki Rani. She has hit Saxena with a wooden stick. Angoori wanted to beat some person messaging Tiwari. She has seen Tiwari going out to meet someone at night. She messages that person and Saxena comes there. There was misunderstanding between them. Angoori feels Saxena is flirting with Tiwari. Tiwari comes and stops Angoori from beating Saxena. Tiwari clears the matter and scolds her. Tiwari calls Angoori illiterate. She gets disheartened.


Shanta Dadi is the new entry in the show. Shanta is Kanta’s elder sister. She suppresses Kanta Amma ji’s voice by being more loud and dominating than her. Ganga witnesses Shanta filling Madhvis’ ears against Kanta Amma ji. Ganga realizes she was mistaken about Shanta Dadi, and she is not like she appears. Shanta tells Madhvi that Kanta is wrong, and she will tell her wrong even if Kanta is her younger sister. Madhvi does not get into her words, but Shanta would be hitting on Kanta’s family again. Will Ganga be able to save her Niranjan Babu’s family from Shanta’s bad intentions?

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Swara tells Sanskaar that Ragini was asking her to go farmhouse and get Laksh. She clears the matter and sees Sanskaar not taking interest in hearing the explanation. Sanskaar lights diya and its a calm moment. She tells him she is going away from home. He asks her where is she going. Swara says she is going Banaras for few days. He asks her not to go and expresses his feelings. He tells her how much will he miss her every day.


Gayatri shouts she is not mad, while mental hospital people catch her. Gayatri told Rana ji about Badi Rani framing Rana ji by planting Sulakshana. Raj Mata fails Gayatri’s plans. Rana ji slaps Gayatri and how dare she point at Badi Rani. Gayatri was blamed that she married Rana ji for money and was given shocks too. Raj Mata thinks Gayatri is getting mad, but in reality she is fine. Gayatri told Rana ji Sulakshana’s truth. Rana ji got sure that Sulakshana is fake, and removes her mask. Rana ji drags the woman out of his palace and scolds her.



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