Barun & Sanaya return with IPKKND – Ek Jashn on Hotstar from 24th November 2015

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Sanaya and Barun in IPKKND Ek Jashn on Hotstar

The romantic and ethereal pairing of Arnav and Khushi from Star Plus hit series IPKKND portrayed by stars Barun Sobti and Sanaya Irani are coming back to recreate their magic bringing much delight to their ardent fans. Hotstar has officially revealed today (via tweet) on twitter about Barun-Sanaya’s comeback with IPKKND – Ek Jashn (a celebration) from 24th November 2015 on its website.

It is reported that the show will be a finite series running for 9 episodes which might be true. Nevertheless, the return of Barun and Sanaya together as Arnav-Khushi three years later is amazing. Stay tuned to IPKKND – Ek jashn on Hotstar.

Additional Notes (updated):
– IPKKND-Ek Jashn (part of Hotstar Originals) on Hotstar is available across the globe.

– IPKKND Episodes at Hotstar ->!/iss-pyar-ko-kya-naam-doon-423-s

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Sanaya & Barun speaking on their sizzling shooting experience.






86 responses to “Barun & Sanaya return with IPKKND – Ek Jashn on Hotstar from 24th November 2015”

  1. Pallavi Gupta Avatar
    Pallavi Gupta

    Thank You Soooooo Much. But Plz Not Only 9 Episodes. We have a huge apetite for IPKKND- Arnav Khushi… Plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    1. marie Avatar

      yesssss wooooooo. thank you for arnav – khushi excited to see them again on Tv as arnav and khushi

  2. Shikha Avatar

    Very much excited. It is dream come true wait for 3 years is over We have Barun and Sanaya back on Tv as Arnav and Khushi

  3. miry Avatar

    oauuuuuuuuuuuuuuu.thank you so much

  4. miry Avatar

    yesss yessssss. yuupyyyyyyy. so happy .arnav -khushi best tv jodi everrr

  5. shwetha Avatar

    omg!!!! barun is back as arnav!!! so damn excited…but only for 9 episodes not fair…u owe us atleast 1000 episodes for this much of delay..but so very excited to see this!

  6. Aarav Avatar

    What The…#Damn
    WOHO… 😀 😀

  7. Anita Avatar

    Hi happy to see arnav and kushi in TV. Iam a big fan of ipkknd.iam basically from Tamil nadu. Here this serial was a huge hit.pls do lots of episode. Good luck for the team.god bless.

  8. Sadhana Avatar

    very much excited…. pls take them back in season 3… pls pls pls, i love khushi and arnav .. pls

  9. Rashmi Avatar

    wow ,its a dream come true ,but not nly for 9 episodes pls
    luv u arnav & khushi

  10. Mandani ramsingh Avatar

    Luv arnav and khushi not only for 9 episode pls

  11. yashvora Avatar

    lovely – thanks a lot

  12. Maryam Iram Avatar
    Maryam Iram

    V r waiting fa ds moment……plzzz telecast more Dan 9 episodes….. I n ma bsties juzzz luv arshiii scenes……v r xited 2 see …bth f dem

  13. MaryamIram Avatar

    V r waiting fa ds moment … …..plzzz nt 9 episodes….at least 50 episodes want….I n ma frnzzz r d huge fans f arshi scenes….v r waiting fa 24 Nov….

  14. mounicasravya Avatar

    wow its great ……………………..

  15. aqsa Avatar

    Thank u so much luv u barun nd sanaya but not 9 episodes plz more than that …..

  16. Namitha Nair Avatar
    Namitha Nair

    That was a sweet post I’ve ever seen… waiting eagerly for ARSHI’S return…… Thank you ……. Thank you hotstar…..

  17. shweta singh Avatar

    mujhe arnav aur khushi bhuatttttt psnd hai & is pyar ko kya nam du to bhuatttttttt jyada please back veryyyy Missssss youuuuu please

  18. loveclipse Avatar

    wowww..awesme killer news..arshi is back:)))))))))))))

  19. mishal Avatar

    WWWWOOOOOOOOOOOWWWWW, so happy to hear this news , miss u guys , plz plz come back soon, eagerly waiting 🙂 🙂

  20. Yamini Avatar

    Thank you sooo much for your comeback…. Its really like an awaiting dream come true. but please make this as a regular one. plsssssssss. love u Arnav & Kushi. eagerly waiting for u both. luv uuuuu.

  21. NAGENDRAN Avatar


  22. Jannat Avatar

    Lovely Thanks So much,

  23. Lisa Mary Avatar

    Its Very Romantic Drama,I like So much,

  24. Sneha Avatar

    ohhhhhhhhhooo toooo much happpy… thank u so much…… fllng excited 2 wtchng Iss Pyar ko kya naam doon ek jashn…

  25. swati Avatar

    Thank you very much. A single episode means a lot to me. Thank you!

  26. swati Avatar

    I knew it and I was waiting for this moment. Each and every single episode means a lot to me so these 9 episodes are my total happiness. Thank you!

  27. swati Avatar

    Each and every single episode means a lot to me so these 9 episodes are my total happiness. Thank you!

  28. noor Avatar

    ? arnav and khusi come back. i am very happy but not 9 episode plz more than that….. plz regular come

  29. Sumer rajpurohit Avatar
    Sumer rajpurohit

    I love u arnv nd khushi i am big big fan thank u so mach i am ready for hotstar

  30. Sonia Avatar

    Wow.. I’m so happy to see Arnav after a long gap..

  31. farzanamirzad Avatar

    wooow…. it’s a great news,basically am tamil,but i learnt hindi through ipkknd.that much times i watched this show.i love their jodi.we r eagerly waiting for u

  32. nadia Avatar

    thak you so mutch for your come back i love you arnav and koushi

  33. Annomous Avatar

    Really wish this is atleast a 100 epi serices……. loved the simplicity of the show and the characters…… is wayyy better than almost all shows running on Sp now..except for SSL and SKR….

  34. gauri Avatar

    so excitement to see arnav n khushi again plz don’t show only 9 episode.atleast 1000 episode of ippkns plz

  35. Marina Avatar

    Wow…i’m so excited to see Barun and Sanaya recreating the magic once again….they are an adorable pair and love their chemistry as Arshi…want more than 9 episodes..plzzz

  36. yashi Avatar

    Woow….. I’m sooooooo excited for IPKKND back on’s my best ever serial but it’s not fair only for 9 episode I’m waiting for this moment plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz cm back on TV barun and sanaya plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz love u both and want to see u both on TV in IPKKND Plzzzz plzzz plzzz

  37. esw Avatar

    now with so many villians they can run the show once in a week with full cast on star plus for minimum 3 years

  38. Roshni Avatar

    That is sooo not fair. How do we in South Africa get to WATCH IPKKND……

    1. tellyreviews Avatar

      Hotstar’s twitter page informs that IPKKND new series is available across the globe, so in essence you should get it !!

  39. shweta vatsa Avatar
    shweta vatsa

    thank you so much Hotstar…… can’t express my happiness

  40. meghana Avatar

    we r not seen how to see

  41. yashi Avatar

    Woow it’s awsm news….. But Plzzzz not only 9 episode…….. We know arnav and khushi rock on TV…….. Plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz come back on TV……. I lv u both plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz come back on tv plzzz

  42. yashi Avatar

    I can wait lifetime for this show plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz back on tv barun n sanaya as arnav n khushi plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  43. Mohammed Imran Baig Avatar

    Plz guys plz come back on tv for all of us
    This story is verymuch attached to me nd my love
    We get lots of idea frm this show do come back on tv….

  44. akanshs Avatar

    Plzzzz plzzz plzzzz plzzzz come on tv not only for 9 episode u both really rockz

  45. Prachi Gupta Avatar
    Prachi Gupta

    OMG! is it daily ? or once a week ?!!

  46. Pari Avatar

    When the next episode will be there on hotstar?

    1. tellyreviews Avatar

      This Saturday, 28th Nov..

  47. marie Avatar

    Every time i have been watching the old one over and over again. It must be the same Arnav and Khushi no one else

  48. Khushi Daruka Avatar

    plz come back on tv we really want to see u in tv

  49. ritam gupta Avatar
    ritam gupta

    pl. come on tv serial again arnav n khusi

  50. hajira Avatar

    no plz telecast more episodes of ispkknd not only 9 episodes bt v want to c more episodes of them…after a long time my fav serial is bck,plz run this serial for long time love u arshi..

    1. Vya Avatar

      Yeah me too want it continue

  51. Hajira Fatima Avatar

    plz run this serial for long time n telecast more episodes…this is our fav serial..

  52. Mayavati Avatar

    Happy to hear thatASR and khushi are back and also continue the show on star plus plz plz plz plz ……….. love u ipkknd

    1. punchi Avatar

      yeh drama kb r kahah lagraha hy

  53. Maya Avatar

    Happy to hear thatASR and khushi are back and also continue the show on star plus plz plz plz plz ……….. love u ipkknd

  54. arshi devi Avatar
    arshi devi

    wow. its great news. waiting to watch u both arshi on star plus.

  55. Swetha Avatar

    Love you arshi

  56. Maya Avatar

    So Happy that arnav an d khushi are back ☺☺☺pls star thir serial again on star plus too pls plz plz plz…. cant wait to see them together again

  57. ridhima sharma Avatar
    ridhima sharma

    Y its only on hotstar….wnt to c thm on tv…..

  58. Ami Avatar

    Awwwwwww Great✌️???
    Damn happy to hear the wonderful news!
    This is my all tym favourite drama & will b forevr??
    Excited 2 see Arnav & Khushi acting together almost after 3 years?
    We need more Episodes✌️??

  59. Pinky Avatar

    Awww?? Damn happy to hear the wonderful news!! This z my all tym favv drama & will b forever?!Wxcited to see Arnav & Khushi actting together almost after 3 yrs?
    And plzzzz we need more Episodes?

  60. nandini Avatar

    this is nice serial
    I like this serial very much..
    I love khushi & arnav.

  61. vishu Avatar

    Luv dis series…. Feel gud they back…I luv them..BT more episode pls..

  62. Varsha Avatar

    Omg they are back!!!!!!!!!
    It was good to watch them again after so long!!!!
    Can’t wait for episode 3!!!

  63. Sona Avatar

    Happy 2 see them in our romentic serial tanku hotstar

  64. My Love Arishi Avatar

    Hi this Rehana form USA the die heart fan of Iss pyaar ko kya naam doon and Barun and Sanaya. Please tell them to continue the show we want more episode not just nine episode. thank you.

  65. Neha Avatar

    Plz plz plz plz bring this ispkknd o star plus too plz its my all time favt drama…plz run it on star plus.. why only on hotstar! We want it on star plus plz plz plz!!!

  66. khushi Avatar

    Its ma favourate show
    i am glad to see u guys again
    plz brng ipkknd to star plus

  67. Geet Avatar

    Omg they are back!!!!!!!!!

  68. Lolly Giggle Avatar
    Lolly Giggle

    We need more episodes like a 2-3 year serial . Only 8 episodes is not enough . Plz plz plz ???

  69. Percy Avatar

    Please telecast more episodes of ispkknd and not jus 8 episodes …. Pls pls pls

  70. Sakshi Avatar

    Hi i hv been watching this serial lots of tine wanna watch this jodi again on starplus as full series. Not only small 8 episodes. Hoping starplus bring Arshi back. Plz plz plz

  71. Aiswarya Avatar

    Pls run this serial pls don’t end…my fav serial has been back after a long time….so pls continue this serial pls

  72. Shipra Avatar

    Plzzz on tv

  73. sergoonamala Avatar

    hi i m frm malaysia and this is the only fav serial of mine and i watch it everyday since the day i started 2 years ago, didnt even miss one day. all said i m crazy yes i m for ASR and KHUSHI and their love. pls bring them back.

  74. fathima Avatar

    I luv u both as n kgasr pls need more episodes on *

  75. anushka singh Avatar
    anushka singh

    its my fvrate show i m glad to see u guyys again plzz its a humble request plz bring ipkknd to starplus

  76. radhika Avatar

    i love arnav and kushi i too request to telecast this show in star plus eagerly waiting

  77. anusha Avatar

    i love u both pls continue the serial guys

  78. Nicky Avatar

    Please Sanaya Irani come back as Khushi with new IPKKND and we don’t care if Barun Sobti returns or not because we don’t trust him and he would quit when he gets a better offer anyway. We want Harshad Chopda to be ASR instead.

  79. Nisha Patel Avatar
    Nisha Patel

    We love most of all is Khushi because she is so beautiful, cute and so funny. We want more new episodes made of IPKKND

  80. Pinoy Tv Replay Avatar
    Pinoy Tv Replay

    We love most of all is Khushi because she is so beautiful, cute and so funny. We want more new episodes made of IPKKND

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