These two are my favorite shows. I like Ishita from YHM and Suhani from SSEL. The story lines of both shows are very good and the characters of female Protagonists are really strong. But both shows have started lacking its consistency in entertaining the viewers. In SSEL, Suhani got to know that Mili is actually Gauri, Yuvraaj sister. She is trying hard to expose Dadi’s truth that she has hidden Gauri for all these years away from her family. Dadi is also planning to make Gauri away from Birla family. And now she started a game of Memory loss to get herself excuse from family’s questions. Dadi is too much.


In YHM, Ishita is acting as possessed Shagun to save Raman. Now she is doubting on Simmi that she is working for Ashok. I think these serials are stretching on one topic for too long, the Creative Team should make definite changes to the story, but they must make sure that the same track should not go for long.

I am eagerly waiting for Dadi to get exposed and they will be some good moments between Suhani and Yuvraaj. For YHM, I am also hoping the same that is Ishita live happily with Raman, and the culprit should be expose soon who are involved with Ashok in Rinki’s murder.

TR would like to thank Sshine for her input.

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