Darmiyaan’s twist: Koel to marry…..?

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Koel is getting married soon. Mehendi is applied on her hand, but she is unhappy as she loves someone else. Destiny is playing game with her and her heart still beats for Raj. She is compromising for her family. She doesn’t want to get dressed well. Her Maa gets upset seeing something written on her hand, and asks her to wipe the hands.

Koel is ready as the bride. Raj comes to meet her through the window. Raj makes Koel emotional. Raj and Koel get married in the room. Koel and Raj take pheras in the room around the lamp. Raj asks Koel to come with him, and she refuses. He asks her not to go out and threatens to kill himself. She agrees to marry him, as she is helpless. He aims the gun at his head, till Paro does aarti of the groom Samar. Raj has run away from the jail and was adamant to marry her. Koel packs the bag to elope with Raj. Raj and Koel start leaving and tells Koel that he will tell everyone they have married. Raj made marital vows to her. Madhavan is glad that Koel did not marry Samar, knowing Samar is not a right guy for her. Koel will become Madhavan’s wife in later episodes, on Paro’s insistence. Keep reading.





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