Iss Pyaar… Ek Jashn recreating magical moments yet another time…

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Arnav Singh Raizada and Khushi Kumari Gupta Singh Raizada…. They are still the most loved couple. Khushi’s beautifying Arnav’s love will always remain a charming tale for the fans. Khushi and Arnav’s magical meet of her falling in his arms is most memorable. After many hurdles, the lovers have met to get inseparable. Though they did not know what to name their love. Their love has gone through tough initial phases – hatred, misunderstandings and disaffection. They have walked holding hands to make their marriage a lifetime relation. Arnav and Khushi’s Rabba Ve still echoes in the hearts of the fans.

Based on viewers’ love for the their ArShi… the series is back on Hotstar. The story takes a leap of 3 years…. A sweet morning in ASR-Khushi’s life. Khushi is seen in her old avatar, very cheerful and bubbly (though not along ASR, but on tab). She lovingly scolds Arnav reminding him today’s significance. She conveys all her sweet anger by a video message. Arnav forgets the day and does not get any help from the servant. Luckily, fate is on his side and he hears the servant speaking about his wedding anniversary. Arnav tells how he planned first wedding anniversary on wrong day, after 3 weeks. Arnav is seen just equally dashing as in the original series. The series’ continuity looks awesome and their chemistry (on just phone) turns adorable.

Arnav cancels his meetings and realizes even Aman knows his anniversary date. He plans to decorate the house and shower gifts on Khushi with love to convince her. He gets many gifts packed with warmth. He is scared of Khushi’s angry smiley message and gets on his own to make efforts for her. He evaluates himself in current day and recalls his past, huge changes and memorable time. The fashion show scene brings some innocent memories of Khushi. Arnav Singh Raizada recalls Khushi’s safe landing in his arms, after a nervous slip from the stage. Arnav recalls Khushi’s carefree nature and honesty. He calls it fate, which can make any stranger your life partner by touching heart. He does not seek servant’s help, obeying Khushi’s commands.

Khushi’s lighting diya in Arnav’s office, which alerts fire alarm and starts water sprinklers….. made his meeting flop. Arnav’s anger now makes him smile recalling her positive reasoning for such moments. Arnav gets mesmerized seeing Khushi in the red saree (their fans would remember this scene well) and realizes she is not that bad. He fell in love with her, but did not accept his feelings. Khushi’s yelling on Arnav makes a brilliant scene which filled sense in the show and also in Arnav’s mind. Arnav states he could not understand how a tiny girl is taking a Panga with him, which he understands better now post marriage. Khushi calls him and ticks off him for backbiting and making fun of her, getting all info from the servant. She tells him she will never come back and ends call. Arnav shows the sweets gift for Khushi, which she would finish in a jiffy, and getting pitiful for his diabetic state to have just dry fruits instead sweets.

Nevertheless, the entire IPKKND Jashn’s 1st episode got much more than expected. Also, a suspense when Arnav reads a note and is stunned. This would make everyone wait till the next episode which will be telecast this Saturday on Hotstar. For now, we could say this was just….Sweet and tangy. The mini series of 8 Episodes is equally wonderful as the entire show. In the coming episodes, fans will get to see Manorama, all the funny liners of her will be there. Clipping of the show revives everything in the fans’ minds. A fresh breeze of romance would be back by ASR-Khushi’s never ending delight. Additionally, the lead pair, stars Barun Sobti & Sanaya Irani are doing great job and maintaining the same consistency and grace like before. Also, other cast members would be giving a fine performance. Stay tuned to IPKKND Ek Jashn.

* IPKKND Ek Jashn on Hotstar is available for worldwide viewers. First episode on hotstar ->


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  1. Twinkle Avatar

    Thanks a ton for this amazing sweet post. Loved it really, Love Arnav Khushi and also TR from now.

  2. Twinkle Avatar

    No more words

  3. Arshi fan Avatar
    Arshi fan

    Awesome review. 5 stars for this review. Thanks TR

  4. amruta123ammu Avatar

    Thanks so much TR!! Cannot wait for this Saturday’s episode!! Love you!

  5. arshi lover Avatar
    arshi lover

    What was d note he read?

  6. Ipkknd Avatar

    Get then together in a new serial as leads they are adorable

  7. Bhavana jain Avatar
    Bhavana jain

    There is only one episode they havent showed any more episode

  8. Varsha Avatar

    Lovely review!!!

  9. ipkknd Avatar

    Best ever

  10. furqan Avatar

    best ever show and best ever glimpse but i want more episodes of that serial

  11. kannaki Avatar

    so sweet couple

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