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SSEL, YHM, DABH…These Shows of Star Plus entertain viewers very well. I usually start watching TV at around 6 pm and end up at 11 pm. The viewers eagerly waits for the next day to watch their favorite shows. My favorite shows are many, but I am writing for 3 best shows which currently air on Star Plus. I really like Suhani’s determination in going against the cunning Dadi and finding the truth of Gauri and giving the justice to Gauri as a family member in front of everyone at home. But as usual, Dadi will not leave her cheap tactics of exploiting others.

I am eagerly waiting for the suspense to be revealed. Till now, it’s not clear who is helping Ashok to kill Raman. I hope this suspense will end up soon and give some relief to the viewers who are waiting desperately. In DABH, I appreciate Sooraj’s and Sandhya’s bonding that makes them the perfect couple onscreen. The current track shows that Mohit is killed and the entire Rathi family is in Shock. But thanks to Sandhya’s determination and courage, in handling the family in emotional crisis and taking Mohit case in her hand is remarkable. I really appreciate her strong character. I think Bhabho as Mother India killed Mohit. I think Mohit tried to snatch the chain Bhabho was taking for Lalima. This may be right, just a guess. I want suspense to end soon.

TR would like to thank Kirti for her input.

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