Dharam to favor Modis; Many twists to come…



Modi house had big drama. Meera argues with Kokila and says you have showed your true face. Kokila is angry on Urmila and breaks all her relations with Urmila. Meera supports Urmila. Kokila says she is helpless by Urmila’s doings, and tells everyone that Urmila is not mad. Meera and Vidya had come to Modi house for dinner for the first time with their husbands. Kinjal and Urmila get into an argument during dinner. Kokila supports Kinjal. Urmila argues with Kokila and says she will not forget this insult. Urmila created a scene infront of Gopi’s son in laws. Kokila could not bear this and pushes Urmila. Meera holds Urmila and says my Nani is not helpless, she will stay with me in my Sasural. She takes a stand for Urmila. Urmila comes to Gaura’s house and asks Gaura to let Urmila stay with them. Kokila asks Urmila to leave from her house. Urmila apologizes to her. Hetal asks Kokila to calm down. All the Modi family is against Gaura and Dharam, but very Soon Dharam will favor Modis. Dharam would be falling in love with Meera, and withdraw his support to Gaura. What will Gaura do now? Keep reading.


  1. I want to say Meera and Dharam are the best couple. they look so cute together. they ae made for each other. pls don’t break them. this is a request to saathiya.


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