Gauri’s truth out; Aditya and Gauri to develop fondness…



Yuvraaj gets correct DNA reports, by silently getting the DNA test done of Gauri and him. He was believing Suhani and also found a relation with Gauri when she called him by his childhood nickname Vyu. He gets glad that he got his sister back, whom Dadi pronounced dead for Birla family. Yuvraaj regrets to lose his trust on Dadi for cheating them all these years and keeping a little girl away from her mother. He wants to know the reason from Dadi and gives her last chance to speak up. Dadi is still acting as her mother Sunanda’s personality. She does not answer him. Yuvraaj sees her swapping between Chandrakala and Sunanda for her convenience. He understands Suhani was right about Dadi. Dadi has acted till now and accepts her deeds to keep Gauri away. He breaks down and is hurt by Dadi’s evil deed.


He tells the family about Mili, who is actually his sister Gauri. Pratima, Suhani, Saurabh and Anuj get really happy. Yuvraaj promises Gauri to become her forever support and protect her from everyone against her. The family confronts Dadi and is angry with her for cheating them since so many years. Dadi made Gauri live as an orphan. She tells them that she did all this for her family. Pratima and Yuvraaj verbally fire at Dadi and understand she does not love them ever. Dadi gets this scolding as a big insult for her and threatens to leave home. Dadi gets shocked when Yuvraaj does not stop her, and shows the door. There is new entry in the show, along the happiness in Birla house. Suhani’s cousin Aditya is going to step in their lives. Aditya falls in love with Gauri. The family realizes Aditya and Gauri’s fondness and decides to get them married. What will Dadi do next? Keep reading.


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