Big twists ahead; Ishita to romance Ashok…!!


yeh hai mhbtn9

Raman and Ishita have a romantic moment after much spirit drama. They have a romantic dance scene. There is also Ashok’s new plan to send Ishita to kill Raman. He wants to send Ishita to harm Raman, and wants to confirm first whether Shagun is there in Ishita’s body or not. Ishita and Shagun’s team will not fail infront of Ashok. This romance with Raman is just her dream, as Ishita will be romancing with Ashok. Ishita is dancing with Ashok and thinks he is Raman. Ishita worries seeing Raman gone.

She gets to her senses and is shocked seeing Ashok with her. Ashok starts flirting with her, and thinks this is his masterplan to bring the fake spirit truth out. She tries leaving from Ashok’s place. Ashok stops her and wants to test if she can romance with him to prove she is Shagun. Ishita thinks she can’t go to this extent, but stays there to get the name of Ashok’s informer in Bhalla family. Ashok agrees to give her the name of that informer. Ashok gets to know about Prateek’s paranormal fears and understands Prateek’s drama with Ishita. Ashok’s doubt on Ishita and Shagun’s drama gets firm. Will Ishita succeed in knowing Ashok’s informer? Keep reading.


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