Ishani to save Ranvir against Milan’s devious plans…



Milan is the one who has killed Sharman. Sharman has a doubt on Milan and called him there to confront him. Milan goes there with full preparation and stabs him. Sharman also came with the plan and records their conversation, but Milan throws the confession tape in air. Then stabs Sharman in his stomach. Sharman gets doubtful when he comes to know about Ranveer’s twin brother. Milan might keep quiet for sometime and then go away from Ishani’s life. There are many more secrets to unveil.

Ishani wants to save Ranvir from police. She meets him in the lockup and pacifies him. She hugs him and they cry. Ishani truly loves him. She says she will free him from this blame of Sharman’s murder. Ranvir gets a dangerous illness and that spoils his face. He hides his wound from Ishani. Ishani says she will get him treated, and she is his cure. Ishani shouts on media that Ranvir is innocent and he is blamed. She asks them why are they questioning for his illness. She protects Ranvir and hides Ranvir’s face. The media gets scared seeing his illness. Milan has injected Ranvir by some chemical which gave him such reaction on his face. Ishani stands for her love Ranvir. How will she prove Ranvir innocent? Keep reading.


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