Roshni and Sid’s romance to bring delight in Jamai Raja….


jamai raja211

Roshni beats Raghu. She was waiting for him and he comes late night. She beats him and scolds him for coming so late. Raghu says you have behaving like an illiterate women. Raghu asks Roshni is she falling in love with him, if she loves him, he will talk to his mum. She asks is he mad, and scolds him, asking him see his face in mirror. He asks why did she care about him and asked with whom was he. Roshni cries recalling Sid. Roshni cries by Raghu’s words. She thinks why is she getting affected by Raghu’s presence, why did she beat him angrily. Raghu and Roshni are playing game. They ask for divorce infront of everyone. Roshni will fall in love with Raghu this time.

Later on, Raghu and Roshni are on an outing for the first time. Raghu was running away from Roshni, but now he is coming closer and romancing her. He tells her that he is not Raghu, but Sid. He tells Roshni how he was found by Pinto in an unconscious state, and Pinto took him to hospital. He slipped into coma, and then gets well because of Sundari’s care. Sundari is actually Raghu’s mum who died in an accident. Doctors tells Sundari that Sid is Raghu and cooks up a fake story that they did plastic surgery on his face. Sundari thinks his son’s face is corrected with surgery and thinks him as Raghu. Roshni is glad that she was feeling love for her Sid, not any stranger. They both are shocked when they see Shabnam following her. Sid and Roshni hold each other hands and walks in the jungle. They walk in the jungle till night. It is yet to be seen what Shabnam will do after she comes to know that he is actually Sid. They see Shabnam leaving in her car. Raghu and Roshni have a romantic argument.
Sid wants to take revenge on Shabnam and want her to be confused with his identity, and that is the reason he didn’t inform Roshni and DD about his true identity before. What will Shabnam do after knowing Raghu is Sid? Keep reading.



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