TR’s Top Spoilers For This Week



Jamai Raja:

Raghu are Roshni are romancing in jungle. Raghu and Roshni are on an outing for the first time. Raghu was running away from Roshni, but now he is coming closer and romancing her. He tells her that he is not Raghu, but Sid. They both are shocked when they see Shabnam following her. Sid and Roshni hold each other hands and walks in the jungle. They walk in the jungle till night. It is yet to be seen what Shabnam will do after she comes to know that he is actually Sid. They see Shabnam leaving in her car. Raghu and Roshni have a romantic argument.


Sandhya takes on the Banjara avatar and sells Imli. She is on the mission of searching killer. She doubts on Mohit’s girl friend Komal. Sandhya is spying on her and follows Komal, while Komal walks from there in Burqa. She is having doubt that Mohit is being killed by his girlfriend. Sandhya laid the trap to catch her and brought all the Police in casual dress. Komal sees her and starts running, but Sandhya and her team follow her. Sandhya will not get any clue as the killer is within Sandhya’s home, while the truth is Bhabho killed Mohit. Later, Sooraj starts behaving strange at home. Meenakshi notices this and tells Sandhya. Sooraj is going to sell the house. Meenakshi is worried and informs Sandhya. Sandhya is doubting Sooraj now.
Sooraj accepts his crime to kill Mohit, which shocks Sandhya.


Milan is the one who has killed Sharman. Sharman has a doubt on Milan and called him there to confront him. Milan goes there with full preparation and stabs him. Sharman also came with the plan and records their conversation, but Milan throws the confession tape in air. Then stabs Sharman in his stomach. Sharman gets doubtful when he comes to know about Ranveer’s twin brother. Milan might keep quiet for sometime and then go away from Ishani’s life. There are many more secrets to unveil.


Happiness has returned in Simar’s house. Prem and Simar romances after the samosa party, but someone bad eye falls on them and they somehow gets saved by an accident when chandelier falls on them. It is interesting to watch as Devika pushes them for safety. Devika will play conspiracy against Simar to kill Simar. There will be Maha Episode of SSK and Swaragini.


Naitik and family find Akshara in the river all night. They then get her out of the river. Akshara is rushed to hospital after falling in the river from the top of the cliff. Akshara’s critical state breaks down Naitik. The families reach at the hospital and are praying for Akshara’s state. Akshara is on life support system, as she fell in the salty river, which is poisonous. Naitik is sad seeing Akshara. Everyone is worried for her. Naitik believes Akshara will get fine and sits with her. The family holds hands and prays for Akshara.

Thapki Pyaar Ki:

Shraddha wants to kill Thapki so that her truth does not come out. As per Shraddha’s plan, Thapki has gone in the jungle and falls in the quicksand. She shouts for help. Bihaan hears her and comes to her rescue. He shouts seeing her and asks her to hold a tree bark. She says its quicksand and she is unable to reach the stick. She dips in the quicksand. He worriedly jumps in the quicksand to save Thapki. He gets a tree bark and they both come out of the quicksand. Bihaan saves her finally. They both argue and don’t want to be together, but they both started loving each other.


Urmila and Gaura have a fight in Gaura’s home. Urmila sings Naagin song on Gaura and teases her. Gaura puts water on Urmila and gets an electric wire to give her shocks. Urmila falls down by the shock and moves back to save herself. Kokila has planned to act like insulting Urmila, so that Meera takes Urmila to Gaura’s house. The same happened as per Kokila’s plan. But Urmila is not troubling Gaura well, and is inturn troubled by Gaura.


Raman and Ishita have a romantic moment after much spirit drama. They have a romantic dance scene. There is also Ashok’s new plan to send Ishita to kill Raman. He wants to send Ishita to harm Raman, and wants to confirm first whether Shagun is there in Ishita’s body or not. Ishita and Shagun’s team will not fail infront of Ashok. This romance with Raman is just her dream, as Ishita will be romancing with Ashok. Ishita is dancing with Ashok and thinks he is Raman. Ishita worries seeing Raman gone. She gets to her senses and is shocked seeing Ashok with her.

Kumkum Bhagya:

Tanu and Aaliya are taking a man’s dead body in storeroom. They killed the man by car accident. Tanu says accident happened from Abhi’s car. Tanu is helping Raj and Aaliya. Pragya gets to know about this accident and tells Abhi. Abhi does not believe her. She drags Abhi to show him the body.

Ishq Ka Rang Safed:

Viplav saves Dhaani from falling off from the terrace. Dhaani continues to doubt on his honest intentions and trusts Tripurari. Tripurari fills her ears against Viplav. She goes to Viplav and returns the wedding dress brought by him, after a heated argument. Dadi emotionally blackmails Dhaani and she takes the dress back. Viplav will meet Suwarna and will come to know about Tripurari evil deeds. He realizes that Dhaani is going to be trapped in marriage with Tripurari, who is murderer of Suwarna’s child. He rushes back home and fills her maang to stop Tripurari from marrying her.



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