Viplav and Dhaani marry leading to much mayhem…


ishq ka1

Viplav has always been a savior for Dhaani. Though she is mistaken about him, he has always helped her. He is concerned of her because of knowing Tripurari’s truth. Viplav gets busy in the arrangements of Dhaani and Tripurari’s marriage. Dhaani eats Sargi mistakenly sent by Kanak accidentally, and also she is made to wear Chunari during the function which is kept for Viplav’s wife. Dasharath decides to send Viplav to Boston once Dhaani’s marriage is done. We have written before how Viplav would marry Dhaani at the last moment.

Viplav saves Dhaani from falling off from the terrace. Dhaani continues to doubt on his honest intentions and trusts Tripurari. Tripurari fills her ears against Viplav. She goes to Viplav and returns the wedding dress brought by him, after a heated argument. Dadi emotionally blackmails Dhaani and she takes the dress back. Viplav will meet Suwarna and will come to know about Tripurari evil deeds. He realizes that Dhaani is going to be trapped in marriage with Tripurari, who is murderer of Suwarna’s child. He rushes back home and fills her maang to stop Tripurari from marrying her. Viplav marries Dhaani, which will lead to many chaos in Dasharath’s home. What will be Dasharath’s reacting to their marriage? Keep reading.



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