Chakor to disclose her identity to save Chunni…

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Chakor is very happy to know about her twin sister Chunni. Even Chunni has accepted this truth heartily and rejoicing the family’s love. She takes Chakor’s help to meet Kasturi at night. Chunni sleeps in Kasturi’s lap and gets peace. Chakor does not get upset and is glad that Chunni is getting all the deserved love which she missed out till now in her life. Chakor wishes to protect Chunni from all the problems. Chunni was getting beaten up by Tejaswini, and Chakor saves her. Chakor gets hit and hurt. Chakor then gets a shocking news about Soham informing police that Chakor is alive, so that Chunni gets arrested. Chakor thinks to save Chunni somehow.

The police lands in haveli to arrest Chunni, assuming she is Chakor. Bhaiya ji is angered at Chunni for not signing the property papers. Tejaswini punishes Chunni and asks inspector to arrest her, remarking she is Chakor who has run away from jail and came to her parents in Aazaadgunj. Chunni gets afraid and thinks to tell her identity truth to save herself. Chakor stops Chunni from saying anything. Chakor decides to reveal her true identity and disclose that she is not Choka, but Chakor. She wants to let Chunni stay happy with her family. Chakor meets Kasturi and asks her not to worry, as no one can harm her because she is innocent. What will Chunni do now? Keep reading.






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