Dolly and Maya plan to get Rajneesh-Simran together…

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Dolly and Maya want to get Simran back in Rajneesh’s life. Simran comes to Walia family and is annoyed with Rajneesh. Dolly gets obsessed to get Simran and Rajneesh together. She seeks Maya’s help. Dolly and Maya provoke Rajneesh about getting Simran back. Simran tells Dolly that she can’t forget about Reema. Simran is not ready to patch up with Rajneesh. Sumit realized Dolly’s plans and tries to alert Rajneesh. Rajneesh gets hurt realizing Dolly and Maya’s plan.

Later on, Sumit and Maya fall on the stairs and get embarrassed. Sumit covers up the story and does not tell anyone. Sumit lies to Jasbir about faulty stairs and lies to him. Sumit makes it an embarrassing situation for Jasbir. Jasbir decided to fix the staircase. He tries to fix the stairs and gets hurt. Jasbir is rushed to hospital. Sumit feels guilty to lie to him and tells the entire truth. Sumit tells family about his life to cover up his embarrassment. How will they react? Keep reading.





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