Ghosts, romance and gifts drama to follow….

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Ghost enters Angoori Bhabhi after staring her face for long. Tiwari ji romances with Angoori and says he wants to compliment her eyes. Angoori opens her eyes shocking Tiwari ji as he sees her chudail eyes. She takes him under the blanket. Tiwari ji gets shocked and runs away. Angoori gets up from bed and walks. Chudail will romance with Tiwari and he will think that Angoori is romancing with him. Terrified Tiwari ji runs away. Later on, Angoori is glad that Vibhuti is gifting her a diamond ring. Vibhuti comes near kitchen window and gets a big diamond ring to please her. Tiwari will not get such ring being a miser. Angoori is sad that Tiwari can’t afford a ring. When she sees a ring Vibhuti got, she accepts it. Vibhuti did not buy the ring and borrows from Saxena. Angoori likes the ring a lot. When the ring chapter gets known, Anita will also demand a ring. Vibhuti will be stuck and have to gift Anita ji. Tiwari will try to gift Anita ji by hiding from Angoori.

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