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Mohi is keeping fast for Ayush. Though no one knows about it, Mohi decides to continue her fasts. Deepa’s husband Satish has come to stay with them till Ayush’s marriage. Satish wants to convince Deepa to stay with him and is trying out to get money from her. Ayush dislikes Satish calling Mohi a maid and talks in her defense. The twist here is Shanta’s involvement in bringing Satish. Satish is interested in Deepa’s property, while Shanta wants to destroy Manohar’s family. She is beginning with spoiling Deepa’s life and wants to use Satish. Mohi will be revealing Satish’s true face.

Ishq Ka Rang Safed:

Dhaani’s misunderstandings are cleared after Viplav saved her from Tripurari. Dasharath asks Tripurari to kill Dhaani as she is the one who ruined his plan. Tripurari makes a fake call and tells about his intention to kill Viplav. Suwarna overhears him and informs Dhaani. Later Tripurari ties her in the house and goes to kill Dhaani on Dasharath’s orders. Dhaani gets shocked knowing Viplav’s life is in danger and runs out to save Viplav. She reaches that place and sees old woman trying to go home. She helps the woman, but the woman turns out to Tripurari’s aide. She pushes her inside the car. Dhaani gets shocked seeing Tripurari kidnapping her. Meanwhile, Dulaari comes to hospital and tells Viplav that Dhaani left in a hurry after getting a call. Viplav wonders where did she go and checks his phone. They get tensed. Viplav will be saving Dhaani, and prove his innocence to Dulaari. An interesting track to witness Viplav’s heroism again.

Mere Angne Mein:

Riya plans a surprise for Shanti. The program gets interesting by everyone’s dance performances. Shanti takes wrong medicines to make Riya fall in Raghav’s eyes. The doctor checks Shanti and tells family about wrong medicine given to Shanti. Riya clears that she did not give any wrong combination of medicines. Shanti puts entire blame on Riya and all the good done by her, loses the effect of happiness. On the other hand, Sarla gets troubled as Ashok got notice to leave his house in one day. Sarla tries seeking help from family and gets no response from Pari and Raghav.


  1. This is the only one site where I get every good spoilers. Time spent reading is worth. I surf other sites but found none so regular to over 10 spoilerss that too always consistent. ThankU Tr.

  2. Plz keep on positing spoilerz on ishq ka rang safaed cuz ther are audience waitng for the updates on ikrs v love the show plz kep on positin news,udates,spoilerz its a request


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