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yeh hai mohab31

I am a big fan of ISHRA, hope no separation or leap as it seems there is misunderstanding between Raman and Ishita because of Abhishek. ACP Abhishek is just trying to help Ishita in finding the truth of a person who is helping Ashok in his bad deeds. It has shown that Ashok got to know about Shagun being alive, and he is trying to tell the truth to Raman. But I think when he try to say anything about Shagun and Ishita plannings , no one will believe him and think Ashok has gone mad like how Suraj thought. On the other hand, Ishita’s team is trying hard from many days to know the person who wants to harm Raman, but in vain. The viewers are eagerly waiting for the truth to come out, so then ISHRA will live peacefully with Love and care. I wish the culprit should expose soon, so that track will get change and we can have some sweet nok-jhok of ISHRA.

TR would like to thank Sonal for this input.

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3 responses to “HAVE YOUR SAY!! — Sonal on YHM”

  1. lizzybetfelix Avatar

    I think as usual they are going to drag this track for many more months, we want to know the truth as the writers of the show please let the culprits be exposed as soon as possible. I totally agree with you sona.

  2. Chahat Avatar

    Nice view. Completely agree with u. Raman and Ishus love is also being shown with the current track. Its interesting. Nothing will happen to Shagun or Ishita and raman and Ishu will stay together only

  3. Vimalanravindran Avatar

    You directors think that we spectators don’t have any sense. There is no logic in your story. Even if spectators have sense we will become senseless after watching your serial. If you don’t know to continue your story please end it and don’t spoil your name. Overacting of your actress Ishitha is really irritating the spectators. You are projecting her role as if she is the only person in her whole family who has brain and other are useless. To be simple INITIALLY STARTED WELL; BROKEN IN THE MIDDLE; AND NOW IT IS ONE OF THE WORST SERIAL.

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