Chakor’s truth to get revealed in Udaan…



Chakor’s devotion makes Bhaiya ji understand that Chakor is alive. He does not know about the twin sisters truth and assumes Chakor was fooling him as Chunni till now. He gets angry and finds Chakor in Chunni’s disguise. Chakor falls in problem and meets Nimboli. Bhaiya ji catches them. Chakor and Nimboli have met before in Mela. Chakor gets glad seeing Nimboli again at the temple. Bhaiya ji gets suspicious and says this would be Chakor herself. Nimboli faints and Chakor takes cares of her. Chakor tells Bhaiya ji that she will stay with Nimboli. Chakor’s good heartedness makes her identity revealed. Chakor acts clever and confuses Bhaiya ji. He thinks maybe he was wrong to doubt on Chunni.

Bhaiya ji is confused and thinks Chunni is Chakor. He then realizes that Choka is actually Chakor. He gets info from Nayantara’s lawyer. He gets his doubt confirmed when he spots Choka with Nimboli. Nimboli tells Chakor that she will not let Chakor stay dual identity life. Bhaiya ji hears their conversation. He gets shocked when Nimboli reveals Chakor’s identity. Bhaiya ji decides to use this situation and tackle Chakor. What will Bhaiya ji do now? Keep reading.


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