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These days family conflicts and conspiracies became common thing. The shows are focusing more on murder mysteries rather than old conventional themes. In DABH, the show brings new themes like terrorists, plane hijack, missile attack, and now murder track. Mohit’s murder mystery is dragged to much extent. Sooraj, Emily, Lokesh are under suspicion of crime. I think they are taking the blame on themselves to cover up Bhabho or Pari. The makers should not show such close relations to be murderers. Mohit’s extra marital affair or his greed for money was not like he should be killed by his mother or daughter. Children should not be shown for such crimes. It brings negative impact on the viewers who watch the serial with families including children. I have read news of Bhabho or Pari being murderer.

The makers could show an accidental death. Rathi family known for good family values should not cover up murderers. Sandhya is in Shock and can’t believe that Sooraj can kill his younger brother, yeah it’s true that he is really caring and loving brother, he can’t take such a drastic step. From many days the viewers are waiting for the suspense to be revealed. I hope the suspense will end soon. We want to see Sooraj and Sandhya happy moments as they are made for each other. Sooraj’s character is really nice. When Sooraj helped Sandhya in tackling down terrorists, why is he shown supporting a criminal? Sooraj should stand for truth. Just like Sandhya does. She stands for truth even when it’s against her family. Sooraj should not play with law and Sandhya’s emotions. I think murder culprit should be out of family to keep Rathi family goodwill.

TR would like to thank DABH Fan for this input.

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4 responses to “HAVE YOUR SAY!! — DABH Fan”

  1. lizzybetfelix Avatar

    very true, when this murder track started I knew it was going to drag for a very long time,they should not show a respected family to be involved in the murder of their own family member. they should bring this track to an end, it has dragged for more than a month now, let them please free us from this suspense.

  2. Vimalanravindran Avatar

    Please teach Sandhia to give expression according to the situation and the posting given to her in this story. Please crew members teach her to run like a polices officer without widening her legs.

  3. archana Avatar

    I have been an ardent fan of DABH but since the murder track, I have lost interest in this serial.
    I wished I could continue watch this serial. But the makers of this serial have imposed too many twists-
    too many unwanted ones- that it is quite uncomfortable to watch this show now.

    Bhabho has been pictured as someone who is tough, but always takes the right decisions for the welfare of her family.
    Then how can such person kill her own son??? Did she not think about the welfare of Pari??? about Emily???

    When Bhabho had learnt that Sandhya was killed (durring Himanshu track), she became so hard that she let Mohit
    bully Emily – and did not side by her when Mohit did not let her go out to work.
    Now she is so angry against Mohit that she killed him and says that she has freed Emily!!!!

    The makers SHOULD NOT have pictured the events in this way. They could have made Bhabho disinherit Mohit because of
    what he was doing to Lalima, and declare something like Lalima will have Mohit’s share – Mohit could have just left
    the show under the excuse that Bhabho has cut all ties with him. But to go so far as killig him, and on top
    of that, immediately after, the Rathi household is rejoincing in a grandiose wedding of Lalima, where they are dancing,
    even Bhabho and Babasa are dancing and flirting!!! Come on!!! This does not make sense!!! Any normal family
    cannot function like this especially after the death of a close one!!!

    Also it is not like Mohit was a serial rapist or killer.

    Now a new track is starting after the massive success of Bajrangi Bhaijaan – to bring Pakistan and India close through
    a new love story of Chotu (who suddenly transformed from a shorted build and kabbaddi player to someone very tall
    and dashing) and the Pakistani girl…well all the best…

    I am quitting watching this show,,,,,,, got much better to do than to waste my time….on this nerve-wracking serial..

  4. Amit Avatar

    Even i used to like this serial a lot…but for some reason star plus is now used to dragging all their serials without any baseline to it. And to top it, we have an IPS officer who looks so fragile and weak always. Most of the time she is seen crying and weak from inside. Is this how the IPS lady officers in India are??? IPS officers should have a strong attitude, atleast when at work. but the latest episodes shows the office crying at home and even at work to prove her point.

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