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Sumit and Maya come back home after a good weekend trip. They rest the red suitcase in the living hall. Maya expects Sumit to keep the suitcase in the room, while Sumit feels lazy leaving the work for Maya. They expect each other to do the work, and the suitcase lies there at the same place for many days. Jasbir spots the suitcase and asks Sumit to prove his manhood by lifting the suitcase. He makes fun of Sumit, which provokes Sumit to do the work. Maya does not give this chance to Sumit, being fed up of his laziness. Sumit and Maya fight for doing the work themselves.



Viplav rescues Dhaani and takes her along for her safety. The goons follow them and beat up Viplav. Viplav faints leaving Dhaani worried. Meanwhile, Kanak blames Tripurari for Dasharath’s ill state and does not know Tripurari’s plans to harm Viplav. Tripurari is unaware about his goons attacking Viplav instead Dhaani. Tripurari gets informed and worries of Dasharath’s reaction to hurt his beloved grandson instead of the widow he hates. Dhaani takes injured Viplav for medical aid. Kanak tries finding Viplav everywhere. Kanak and Tripurari have an argument. Dasharath worries for Viplav. Dhaani and Viplav get together in order to save each other. Viplav is rushed to hospital by Dhaani’s efforts.


Dadi wants to make Yuvraaj angry on Suhani because of Aditya. Dadi does not know Suhani was also against keeping Aditya as Gauri’s tutor. Dadi argues with Aditya while Yuvraaj comes home. She plans timing to create a scene while Aditya was showing a mock play. Yuvraaj was also unsure about Aditya and gave him a chance on Dadi’s saying. Yuvraaj is not comfortable seeing Aditya around Gauri. Dadi’s plan fails as Gauri is comfortable with Aditya. Dadi makes Gauri against Suhani, who keeps Aditya away. Suhani allows Aditya for Gauri’s sake. Aditya continues to teach Gauri. Dadi plans something big in Yuvraaj’s absence. Dadi thinks her step will make Suhani loses decision making rights.

Thapki Pyaar Ki:

Dhruv refuses to break his marriage with Shraddha, just the way Thapki kept her relation with Bihaan. He owes to fulfill his duty towards his marriage. Thapki fails to expose Shraddha. Dhruv tells her that Shraddha’s truth does not matter to him. He defends his wife. Shraddha’s grah pravesh happens. Shraddha makes Thapki do her aarti to make Thapki realize her failure. She taunts Thapki for looking unhappy with her entry in their home. thapki does her aarti unwillingly.

Dream Girl:

Manav is alive and is away from his home. Manav has sent his aide Richa. Karan has seen Manav in the jungle and constantly looks for him. Karan does not let his doubt go till he meets Manav. Manav’s existence truth brings a new angle in the show. Raghu tortures Aarti assuming she is Ayesha. Aarti does not respond to Raghu’s anger and silently bears his orders. Raghu gets puzzled seeing her changed behavior. Aarti does the challenge well, while Ayesha shows tantrums on her shooting set. Raghu will get to know Aarti and Ayesha’s twin sister truth.



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