Today’s Twister – Sarojini



Twister… This post is on the never-ending drama in any show, which is liked by the viewers solely for the melodramatic factor, without much logic depicted.

Sarojini gets dressed as a Japanese beauty with trademark fan in her hand. She has become Ms. Suzi. She has came to take revenge. Family members couldn’t identity her, and even Somendra couldn’t think that she is Sarojini. It is yet to be seen what this Suzi do to change Dushyant. Dushyant will be supporting her for getting a costly project and get fooled. Suzi/Sarojini will start changing things in her inlaws home and make the men work. Sarojini will be making the men do all the household work and make Dushyant go against his set rules. Dushyant will be seen doing social work and treating women well to everyone’s surprise. Somendra does not identify Sarojini and like everyone, he also starts following her orders.




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