Highlight: Akshara to lose eyesight post recovery…



Akshara has come back in Singhania house. The family gets happy seeing her fine. Akshara cries seeing their love. It’s emotional moment for everyone. Tara and her Dada ji also welcome Akshara. Akshara had Naitik’s support all the way. Naitik promises to be with her always. She apologizes to him for their arguments before. Akshara hugs her family. Naitik showers love on Akshara and takes care of her. Akshara is back and the family is happy that they did not lose her. Akshara tells the truth to Naitik as what happened with her and how she fell down in the river. He gets angry and she asks him to let this matter go for some time. Naitik has left this matter about Sangram for a while but stays annoyed with Dada ji.

Later on, the family celebrates Akshara’s return and Rajshri-Vishwamber’s marriage anniversary. Everyone is in party mood. They take selfies. A huge photo collage is made. Vishwamber and Rajshri are given this surprise. Rajshri and Vishwamber come home before time and get this beautiful surprise of their wedding anniversary. They understand their family have done this. Akshara was not aware of this. Naitik brings Akshara to the party to give her surprise. He closes her eyes and brings her to show the party. Akshara asks what surprise, and tells them that she can’t see anyone or lights. Akshara will be losing her eyesight. They all get shocked.



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