Love, marriage and more twists ahead in Ishq Ka…


ishq ka1

Viplav realizes that he is in love with Dhaani and feels high with the feeling of being in love. He shares good, cute moments with Dhaani, and this makes her fall for her even more. Dhaani takes care of him like a dutiful wife, even thought she is not married to him yet. Viplav calls Dasharath and informs him that Tripurari is the one who tried to kill them, and also says that Dhaani saved him. Dasharath gets angry and yells at Tripurari for trying to hurt his beloved grand son. Tripurari asks his goons to kill Viplav and Dhaani. Later Sarla Kaki asks Viplav to fill Dhaani’s maang. Viplav is surprised and shocked and doesn’t know what to do, but just comply to go with the flow. He takes a pinch of sindoor in his fingers to fill her maang. Dhaani is equally shocked and it is yet to be seen if she allows him to fill her maang with sindoor. Keep reading.




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